Where to Hide Your Valuables At Home

hiding ValuablesRobberies have been increasing day by day and many people have become a victim of it. Thieves are always looking for the right chances to break in your homes and steal whatever valuable items they can find. You can prevent home invasion by taking precautionary measures but you can never be sure that thieves can’t break in your home. So, your valuables are still at risk if the thieves are able to break in at your home.

An average thief doesn’t take up much time and tries to get away within 10 minutes of invading your home. So if you are able to hide the valuables in a good enough place where the thieves won’t be able to find it, then the thieves would have no choice other than leaving without anything valuable. Hiding your valuables in a home safe is a good choice but if you don’t have a home safe, then there are other things listed below where you can hide your valuables.

1. Hollow Books

Thieves are illiterate and hate books, that’s why they are robbing you in the first place. So, it is the best choice to get a hollow book and stash your valuables inside it and keep it with other books in your book rack (make sure that there are a lot of books). You can find a lot of different sized hollow books according to what you need and hide your valuables in it, or you can make one yourself.

2. Freezer

This might seem odd but that’s what you have to do in order to hide your valuables. You have to exploit the places where the thieves aren’t going to probably look. Buy an aluminum foil and wrap up your valuables in it. Store it in the back of the freezer, don’t just keep it right in front of the freezer.

3. Kid’s Toys

The first place that the thieves look at — when they invade your home — is the bedroom. They won’t even bother looking at your kid’s room filled with a lot of toys and so you can hide your valuables in some toys too. Just make sure that the toy doesn’t look obviously filled with things and you’re good to go.

4. Air Vents

You can get a good fake air vent which is used to store things, or again, you can make one yourself. It is a good choice to install one of these in your bathroom and fool the thieves into thinking that it’s just a normal vent. So, it can be a great choice for hiding your valuables.

5. Wall Outlet

You can get a fake wall outlet and install it within your home to hide your valuables. Just make sure that it’s not live or close to electrical wiring. You can store small valuables like jewelry in it. The thieves won’t be able to spot your valuables if they are hidden in the right way in a fake wall outlet.

These were things that you can hide your valuables in. Just make sure that you utilize as many as possible, instead of keeping all the valuables in the same thing. That way, some valuables will be saved if one or two things are spotted by thieves.