The Chicago Bike Map app is designed to work offline, without a data connection. This is possible by storing all of the data, including thousands of custom-designed map tile images, in your iOS device. Other geographic features are also loaded into the device, including train stations, trailheads, and predefined points of interest.

Note: v0.5 was sent to the iTunes App Store on November 19, 2012. 


  • Bike lanes – conventional
  • Buffered bike lanes – extra wide bike lanes
  • Cycle tracks / Separated bike lanes (including parking-protected bike lanes)
  • Off-street trails, including their access paths and on-street connections

The map does not show “marked shared lanes” or “recommended routes” like the printed bike map available from the City of Chicago as these do not give bicycling dedicated space on the road.

Geographic Layers

  • 6 zoom levels
  • Chicago Transit Authority stations; searchable; create a text message to get CTA’s Train Tracker estimated arrival times
  • Metra stations; searchable
  • Neighborhoods; 228 of them defined by the City of Chicago; searchable
  • Points of interest: museums, cultural centers, sports stadiums and concert arenas, DIY bike repair stands; searchable
  • Trailheads; searchable; see trail list below (introduced in v0.5)
  • All layers can be toggled on and off individually

I am always taking suggestions for new points of interest.


  • Feature introduced in v0.5
  • Drop a bookmark in the center of the map; drag the marker to find the exact spot
  • Name the bookmark and give it a description
  • Assign a custom icon to your bookmark
  • Search your bookmarks
  • Delete bookmarks
  • Add one bookmark as the map’s default position

Location Services

  • Geolocation works with GPS, EDGE, 3G, wifi, and cellular – no internet connection required, though!
  • Location search; requires internet connection (introduced in v0.5)
  • Load geotagged #bikeCHI tweets; requires internet connection; updates based on map’s current position (introduced in v0.5)


  • Learn how to take your bike on board trains and buses
  • Prevent bike theft with simple yet comprehensive tips
  • Know what to do after a crash (introduced in v0.4)
  • Get links to trip planning websites and apps (introduced in v0.5)


  • Burnham Greenway
  • Des Plaines River Trail
  • Illinois Prairie Path
  • Lakefront Trail in Chicago (no trailheads marked, but access routes are apparent)
  • Lake Shore Path in Evanston (no trailheads marked, but access routes are apparent)
  • Major Taylor Trail
  • North Branch Trail
  • North Shore Channel Trail
  • Sauganash Trail (also known as Valley Line Trail)