Why the app doesn’t show recommended routes

More from the Chicago Reader blog interview with Kevin Warwick.

And this app is meant to mimic the city bike maps you see in your neighborhood bike shop, right?

Yes, but with a custom design. The printed bike map is a really good resource, because it’s nicely designed and has information about how to take your bike on the bus and some laws and tips, but it has things that don’t belong on every bike map. Features that don’t actually exist in real life, like “recommended route.”

You don’t believe in recommended routes?

It’s dependent on who made the map, what their comfort is, and when they made it. Maybe they made it and routes have since changed. Maybe it recommends biking on Garfield Boulevard, which I would not recommend. Three lanes in each direction and drivers go fast.

[I went here last Thursday and I need to change this remark: there are 3 marked lanes in each direction but the right-most lane is about 20 feet wide and either parking's not allowed on the right curb, or people just don't. Why did I choose Garfield Boulevard? When I was on the phone with Kevin I opened the printed Chicago Bike Map, printed by the city and my eyes kind of looked around and I spotted that pretty quickly and I thought that was one of the worst recommendations that could be made to a Chicagoan who needs to get from Back of the Yards to Hyde Park, or wherever.]