Video: Locating a Metra station, showing CTA stations, and learning about bikes on trains policies

Let’s say you’re bringing your bike in from the suburbs and after you arrive in Chicago you need to board a CTA train to your final destination. No Metra station has direct transfers (meaning a simple walk down a hallway) to CTA stations so you’ll have to bike there.

This 50-second tutorial shows you how to locate Union Station (where Metra and Amtrak rains terminate), then find the nearest CTA station to bike to and board with your bike, and lastly learn the Chicago Transit Authority’s policy about bringing bikes on ‘L’ trains.

Find Union Station

  1. On the Home screen, tap the “Metra Stations” button.
  2. In the Metra Stations search bar, type in “union”. The list of stations will be filtered and only “Union Station” will be listed.
  3. Tap the “Union Station” button. The map will appear and the popup window will display information about Union Station, including its address and the Metra routes that terminate there.
  4. Tap outside the popup window to close it, or press the “Trains” menu (third from right). Toggle on the “CTA Stations” layer.
  5. Zoom towards Union Station and the CTA icon nearest Union Station. Then tap that CTA icon to find that it’s a Blue Line station. You see the stations are only a few blocks apart, a quick ride.
  6. Now tap the “Trains” menu again and tap “Bikes on Transit” because you need to know what CTA’s policy is about bringing bikes on board.
  7. On the “Bikes on Transit” page, tap the “Chicago Transit Authority” button to reveal the information. You read that CTA allows bikes on trains after 6 PM in the evening.
Chicago Bike Map app - action shot on iPhone

This is what it looks like to use the Chicago Bike Map app to find train stations in the region.