Video: How to add a bookmark to the Chicago Bike Map app

This 43-second video shows you how to add a bookmark to the app. This tutorial assumes you know the location of where you want to add a bookmark.

Add a bookmark

  1. On the Map screen, locate the place you want to bookmark. You can use “Find me”, “Location search”, or just pan and zoom. The video shows the pan and zoom method. “Find me” and “Location search” are in the “Location” menu (second button from left).
  2. Tap the “Markers” menu button (fourth button from left) and tap “Add bookmark”. A marker will be dropped in the center of the screen. You can move this marker by tapping and holding it, then dragging it.
  3. In the marker’s popup window, tap the Add button (denoted by a plus sign). The Remove button (denoted by an “x”) will remove the marker from the map.
  4. In the Add Bookmark page, give the bookmark a name. This is the only required field. Enter optional notes; these will be displayed in the bookmarks listing and on the map.
  5. Assign the bookmark a different icon or leave it as the default (a star).
  6. Tap the “Add Bookmark” button. The page will refresh, hide the form, and display your current bookmarks.

Bookmarks are stored on your phone and not shared with anyone. Sharing bookmarks is a planned future feature.