Video: Find a DIY repair stand

A DIY repair stand is a totem that holds a bicycle and has many tools and an air pump to help you fix your bicycle. There are 7 in Chicago, and all are listed in the Chicago Bike Map app.

Find a DIY repair stand

  1. On the Home screen, tap “Points of Interest”.
  2. On the Points of Interest page, swipe the page up to find “DIY Repair” or search for “repair” in the search form.
  3. Tap the DIY Repair location that’s nearby. If you don’t know if any are nearby, you can tap the “GPS” menu, then the “Find me” button. When you have been located, toggle on the “Points of Interest” layer in the “Markers” menu.
DIY bike repair stand created by West Town Bikes

A DIY repair stand outside of West Town Bikes at 2459 W Division Street.